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How to claim

In order to ensure that your claim is paid as quickly as possible, please make sure to follow the steps as outlined in the claims procedure form which can be downloaded below. The most urgent aspect of the claims process is to notify Insure My Trackday of the accident within 48 hours of the occurrence, even if the perception is that the damages may not be enough to exceed the policy excess.
The most efficient way to notify us of a new claim is to complete the online claim form. If you do not have access to the internet within 48 hours of the accident, you may make the notification by email or calling +44 (0)1799 510880 or +44 (0)7976 841821. The online claim form will still need to be completed at the earliest opportunity.
Failure to notify Insure My Trackday within 48 hours of the accident may result in your claim being repudiated by Insurers. If you are in any doubt regarding a possible claim, please contact us to discuss.

Please complete the online form here

Download the accident statement form here